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Monday, 5 April 2010

I've moved to NY

I apologise. I never took the time to post something before I arrived in NYC. I didn’t have the time given all the planning I had to do. I’ve been living in Japan for two years and the move to America was tiring. It was consuming me with the long list of people I had to say goodbye to on top of the final work I had to complete at my current job. Packing away all the things in my room into two pieces of luggage and four parcel boxes was also just as hard.

It all started from June 2009 when I first met my boyfriend by a club in one of Tokyo’s trendiest areas for the cool and younger generations, Shibuya. Already American he proposed we move over to the US as soon as I was done with my job and I took up the challenge. I encouraged him to leave Japan earlier where he started looking for the perfect job in New York. His love for the country had dwindled yet for me, it had only grown, but with the little time left I had in my contract I made the most of it. Three months and a half has passed and I am here yet I come with nothing but a tourist visa *coz I'm a Brit* and some money in hope that something amazing will happen.

To be continued...

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I've moved to NY

I've moved to NY
I have certainly moved to New York City