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Friday, 26 September 2008

Hisashiburi or 'Long time no see'

Hey Everyone,
I want to apologise for leaving out the past couple of months. I've had to live Japan as oppose to noting everything down. I've decided to select some photos, which has highlighted the greats things in the past months.

Kyoto: June
I came to Kyoto with my mum and it was the first time I had used the Shinkansen. These bullet trains are so fast and comfy.
Unfortunately, we went when the weather was horrible so we spent most of the time touring around with an umbrella over our head. We were lucky at least that there was one day of sightseeing with hot heat and sun, which was the day we went to Gion.

Gion is famous for it's geishas.

(Me showcasing some Yokohama Car)

JULY: Japan is about geting close to nature so there are so many hiking trials, moutain climbs, beaches, beautiful views and aquariums around! Here I'm showing off the lovely coral behind me.

JULY: Here, I'm enroute to climbing Mount Takao. Ok, we're not talking about literally moutain climbing but walking around and around in circles until we get to the top. There were various paths to take from the widest, steepest, most dangerous or most boring.

I took the steepest and most interesting one. It was the closest to nature given that little ponds and rivers were accessible. There were also lots of greenery, cedar tree paths, and tree root to walk over.

When hiking in Japan, you have to bear in mind that the weather is very humid so you have to deal with annoying mosquitos surrounding you. Plus, you have to keep up with the path as there is no turning back once you are already half way through your journey. Many pensioners enjoy the moutain climb and probably had done the same path 10 times when you're just trying it for the first time.

The Japanese are very fond of being fit particulary towards the late stages of life, which is why ther are so many 'genki' old men and women climbing moutains and hiking all over Japan.

I've moved to NY

I've moved to NY
I have certainly moved to New York City