This was taken just before we were about to walk up the Brooklyn Bridge. H E L L O Brooklyn!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Brooklyn FOOD FOOD FOOD!! Week One


By Nassau Station on the L line there is a load of Polish restaurants and bars. In fact walking along this area allows you to hear the Polish dialect. Blintzes were amazing. It's like a pancake filled with hot sour cream. Really fatty but I couldn't help myself.
Apologises for the demonic look here but this Indian cuisine restaurant had some dim lit lovin' going on for April 4th's Sunday. We got there around 9pm and the whole of Bedford Avenue was filled with hipsters enjoying the last night of the long weekend. Anyway, to get to the point, we ordered a mango lassi and it was filled to the top. Probably the best $2.95 mango lassi I've spent. Mango lassis are amazing no matter where you order them and living in Tokyo gives you more access to Indian curries than ever, but this lassi really did beat those from the land of the rising Sun.

LOKAL is a Mediterranean restaurant that also appeals to the fauxhemian (hipster.) Food was pricey, but Erik was pleased with the Turkey’s Efes Pilsner beer in conjunction with his Caesar salad and meatball casserole. 
Enid's is a great place to check out the hipsters or 'fauxhemians' of Williamsburg. I had an asparagus quesadilla which had more than enough sour cream for all four pieces.

Erik is munching on a green vegetable. This comes with pickles. What is it? A bitter bloody mary. It was disgusting in my opinion, but Erik killed only 20% of it and started complaining as he attempted to water it down.

 Nothing special here. Just your average Chinese take away in Brooklyn. I'm trying to show off my outfit actually.
Bloody hell! How much butter do you need? Not forgetting the maple syrup. This was my first attempt at American breakfast and unfortunatly, it was in a low end breakfast place. So much oil in everything and no love was added to the breakfast, however I enjoyed the waffle. PLUS I can make better eggs.

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I've moved to NY

I've moved to NY
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