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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Fauxhemian - The New word for 'Hipster'

This is a glimspe of Bedford Avenue, which is a long stripe filled with various bars, cafes and restaurants from all over the planet. However, within this collosal of cultural diversity there comes the people that consists of mainly 'le hipster.' These are the trendy musicians or university kids that funk up their look with vintage wear and the dirty 'I'm an art student' assemble. They look like they've spent a whole night in dark hole designing their outfit and spent the rest of the morning writing up twelve songs on their guitar in solitude with a cigarette sitting on their lip. They had no opportunity to take a shower either (or for the last two weeks.)

In fact these 'hipsters' come together in one area like a university campus, which Williamsburg has become and as a Londoner you'd think I'd be used to this market audience, but NO! I've been away from this fake 'wannabe' attitude for two years and I kinda liked it. I was sick of the trivial bullshit that came out of the mouth.
Anyway, to the point - Urban dictionary has introduced a new word for 'Hipster' which is Fauxhemian. The site has noted some interested definitions for the fauxhemian including:
"Dressing in bohemian clothes when, in fact, you are a millionaire." or "wealthy people and places that carry a pretense of artistic sophistication. Fauxhemians think they are artsy, when really they are more fartsy, as their great wealth and comfortable lifestyles keep them from authentic expression, familiarity with the street, and any real impetus to truly oppose the system (since they still benefit too much from it)."

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I've moved to NY

I've moved to NY
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