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Sunday, 6 April 2008

新宿駅ーShinjuku Station, Central Tokyo

Here are some photos of me in Shinjuku and it's area. I'm in another Japanese Sushi place. Accept this one is in central Tokyo and it's very very crowded. Almost cramp in there. Either way, it's the Japanese way.

Can you spot Brad? Peek-a-boo! He and Cameron Diaz are celebrity endorsements for softbank; a Japanese commerical bank and mobile phone service. I have a softbank phone : )

more of shinjuku...

Shinjuku station... cool no?

And more...

It's a pink crepe van... KAWAII!!

Now, isn't this a sight for sore eyes? On the weekends, pedestrians can walk on the roads and enjoy more shopping!

Oh the gerkin? The Tokyo gerkin? Well, this is two times bigger than the London one...

The business district

They had one of these in NY, Manhattan - Now, I've found one in Tokyo... fascinating!

That's me, Li and Jokan

Tooika, me and Jokan

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

A Fountain... woohoo!

Shinjuku Park - It wasn't big. There are bigger ones around.

Oh Cherry Blossom!

A Statue...

...another one!

That's just pure beauty man?!

Cherry blossom!

Can you see that tall government building in the background?

Cherry blossoming viewing: Hanami: During this national event, everyone (excluding the kids) get drunk!

In the middle of the park, we found a shinto shrine: )

I wish I knew what this was...

Oh, thats a shrine for sure.

This is where people write down their wishes

This one at the bottom says 'I want a woman'

And this one is self-explanatory, ain't it? I think that's the best wish you could ever ask for. Of course the Shinto gods shall grant thee...."LOSER"

That's me - getting close to nature : )

Not such a great photo here. BLAME me and my forgetfulness. How much I miss my 7.1 mega pixel camera. All I have is this crap 2 mega pixel. Quality... NOT!

Cherry blossom only lasts for a couple of weeks in a year. Hence the reason why I'm trying to capture as many of these pink lovelies as much as possible.


Shinto believers are supposed to wash their hands and drink the water of this little fountain thing. I like the dragon. It's there...

Tradition, nature and modern. ummmm I like! Only in Tokyo, people!

I'm always showing off! I'm in Japan with a stone dragon!

More FLowers!

Pretty ... pretty... (yawn)

And to the Izikaya. I had calpise... pronouced like COW PISS. It is like Japan's version of their own yogurt. : ) Accept it takes exactly like yogurt.

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