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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Shibuya and Harajuku's Meiji Shrine

As much as I would have liked to have taken photos of Harajuku's fashion life, it wasn't possible given the many signs saying 'no photographs.' There was even one sign that said, 'No Photos, FUCK OFF!' LOL. Harajuku is amazing and so is Shibuya. I wish I lived inside Tokyo because it reminded me of London and New York. Very busy and very city-esqe. : ) I enjoyed it very much :)

The famous pedestrian crossing. The most largest in the world. Start's off..



On path to the Meiji Shrine, famous Shinto shrine. These things are filled with Sake.

So are these!

The Meiji Shrine. I had to clean myself by washing my hands and drinking some of the fountain's water before entering the shrine's area.

Tori Gate?

The path to the shrine is very pretty. You forget you are in a cosmopolitan city once you enter this park. It feels like a forest.

Making more wishes!

That's me. Me with those path lanterns that automatically turn on when it gets dark

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M said...

OOOOOHHH!!! Really? No photo's? What at all? I would have loved to see the fashionista's strut their stuff! xx

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I've moved to NY
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