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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Yokohama Station: Cuddles and Fashion!

Special dryers on the right

The stools on the top here are so short. I remember this because the average height in the UK is 5'10 and the stools back home are taller. This stool however, was just about two cm rulers. So Short!

Goth style is so cute. I think I'm going to buy one puffy dress for myself one day just because they are soo cute!
Purple hat...
...or White hat? I'm not sure!

HaHaHa! That's funny --- It says 'Fuck,' but I couldn't stop wondering about those white stains. The Japanese don't realise their English is so bad when they design these tops. Most of the time, they don't care.

I found these in the Jewellery section and these reminded me of home for obvious reasonsIt's the Queen's head!
Fashion! I love Fashion. I spent probably three hours in this department store, Vivre, and it was so much fun!
Their female 'young generation' fashion made me feel out of date.
I want! I want!

With the amount of cute-ness and cute teddies I see around the department stores, the more I love Yokohama : )

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I've moved to NY

I've moved to NY
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